Forest Policy

The Vermilion Forest Management Company Limited has created a policy which governs its day-to-day management of the forest.

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Managing Disputes

VFM manages all compliants/disputes using the process identified in its Dispute Management Policy.




To administer an efficient program of sustainable forest management.


To maintain and enhance the long-term health and productivity of the Sudbury Forest, while providing environmental, economic, social, and cultural opportunities for the benefit of present and future generations.  The Vermilion Forest Management Company Inc. (VFM) is committed to the following Guiding Principles;

Guiding Principles

Performance of Excellence

VFM is committed to achieving the highest standards of sustainable forest management through the application of scientifically-based practices.

Sustainable Forest Ethic

VFM ensures that all of its forest management practices are conducted according to the principles of sustainable forest management. VFM forest management practices will respect both ecological and social values of the Sudbury Forest.

Forest Environment

VFM recognizes that the forest environment comprises a broad spectrum of social, economic, and ecological values, all of which form the basis of environmentally-sound forest management planning and practices.

Environmental Protection

VFM plans and conducts forest management operations in a manner which minimizes the long term negative impacts on the forest resources. VFM encourages all licensees to practice self-compliance with all environmental guidelines and regulations.

Forest Diversity

VFM acknowledges the value of genetic, species and ecosystem diversity in maintaining ecological processes and therefore implements forest management practices that promote diversity at a stand and landscape level across the Sudbury Forest.

Planning Horizons

VFM considers both short and long-term horizons in forest management planning to ensure that an appropriate portion of today’s economic gain from the forest is thoughtfully invested so the future forest and economic health will be at least as great as today.

Aboriginal Values

VFM will continue to foster relationships and partnerships with local Aboriginal Communities to provide opportunities for economic growth, educational development, and forest management planning input.

Public Input

VFM encourages and provides opportunities for public comments and concerns and incorporates these in the forest management planning process.

Other Stakeholders

VFM encourages and provides opportunities for Other Stakeholders comments and concerns and incorporates these in the forest management planning process.


VFM conducts its forest management planning practices in an open and transparent manner consistent with provincial policies and objectives.

Research and Development

VFM supports research and development initiatives which advance sustainable forest management.

Health and Safety

VFM conducts its forest management activities in a responsible manner while protecting the health and safety of employees, contractors and the public.

Employee Education

VFM maintains an experienced and educated forest management staff. Training and development opportunities are offered to continually improve staff skills and knowledge.