The Vermilion Forest Management Company is a cooperative Sustainable Forest License (SFL) holder formed in 1997 comprised of nine partner companies.



Domtar Inc.
Mike Furniss.
Manager Fibre Procurement
Domtar Inc.
Espanola Pulp Mill
1 Station Road
Espanola Ontario
P5E 1R6
Tel: 705-869-2020 ext. 401
Fax: 705-869-5753

Domtar operates the Espanola Pulp Mill facility in Espanola, located on the west side of the Sudbury Area. The Espanola site was originally a groundwood mill built in 1905 by the Spanish River Pulp and Paper Company. Purchased by George Weston Ltd, owners of E.B. Eddy, from the Brown Co. of New York in 1969. Became part of Domtar Inc. in 1998. The hardwood line was extensively modernized in 1999. Its specialties include over 200 different grades of technical and specialty papers. The mill is FSC Chain-of-Custody certified.

EACOM Timber Corporation
Marcel Veillette
100 Old Nairn Road              
Nairn Centre, Ontario
P0M 2L0
Tel. 705-869-4020 Ext. 235
Fax 705-869-2966

EACOM operates a random length multigrade sawmill in Nairn Centre, located in the central portion of the Sudbury Forest. The mill is FSC Chain-of-Custody certified.

Gervais Forest Products Ltd.
Bruno Gervais
P.O. Box 70
Falconbridge, Ontario
P0M 1S0
Tel. 705-693-5380
Fax 705-693-5327

The Gervais’ operate their sawmill and harvesting business from Falconbridge, Ontario.  Their sawmill operates seasonally producing dimensional and finished lumber for Sudbury’s mining industry and general retail.  The Gervais harvest licence area is north of Lake Wanapitei, and they are the main harvest contractor for the Domtar licence area that is also north of Lake Wanapitei.  These operations are a major supply source for Domtar’s Nairn and Espanola mills as well as other VFM partners using white pine, red pine, and SPF. 

Goulard Lumber (1971) Limited
John McNutt, RPF
P.O. Box 6245
Sturgeon Falls, Ontario           
P2B 3K7
Tel. 705-753-2220
Fax 705-753-4588

Goulard Lumber started as a family business in 1948.  The sawmill is located in Sturgeon Falls, harvest operations are focussed in the northeast corner of the Sudbury Forest.  White and red pine lumber is the predominant product produced at the mill with markets both in southern Ontario and northern U.S. 

G.W. Sutherland Contracting Company Ltd.
Sean Sutherland
RR #1 Worthington, Ontario
P0M 3H0
Tel. 705-866-0300
Fax 705-866-0258

Incorporated in 1968, Sutherland Contracting’s main business is supplying birch and poplar logs to Domtar’s pulp mill in Espanola.  This family-run company also sells split firewood and has a small sawmill in Worthington that can supply custom lumber orders.

H&R Chartrand Lumber Limited
Gary Chartrand
Box 11
Noelville, Ontario
P0M 2N0
Tel. 705-898-2962
Fax 705-898-2472

Ernest Chartrand founded this family-owned business when he first set up his sawmill in Noelville in 1923.  The company produces white pine, red pine, and spruce lumber.  Their harvesting operations are in the general St. Charles area.

Lahaie Lumber Limited
Mike Lahaie
399 Highway 64
Alban, Ontario
P0M 1A0
Tel. 705-857-2085
Fax 705-857-0203

Lahaie Lumber manufactures mainly white and red pine timbers at the Alban mill.  The mill runs from spring to late fall after which resources are directed to winter harvest operations around Alban, Trout Lake Road, and Killarney highway.

N’Swakamok Forestry Corporation
Todd Lewis
172 Old Village Road North
Birch Island, Ontario
P0P 1A0

N’Swakamok Forestry Corporation joined the VFM partners in March 2005. The N’Swakamok Forestry Corporation is a partnership of five local First Nations. This partnership includes Wahnapitae First Nation, Henvey Inlet First Nation, Wikwemikong Unceded Reserve, Whitefish Lake First Nation and Dokis First Nation.  This group operates in the Killarney Highway area, selling primarily white and red pine on the open market.

Independent Operators

There are also other companies that are not shareholders who harvest timber on Crown land managed by VFM. They are allocated blocks on other partners’ traditional operating areas.

They are:
Dan Hebert, Wolseley Bay area
Denis Lachance, Eighteen Mile Island
Fryer Forest Products, Monetville
Lakeland Lodge, Wanapitea Lake