Sudbury Forest

The Sudbury Forest is located in Northern Ontario, between Sault Ste. Marie and Ottawa, 300 km north Toronto.


Thirteen Provincial Parks are located within or partly within the boundaries of the Sudbury Forest.  No logging is permitted in the parks.

Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park (P174)
Daisy Lake Uplands Provincial Park (P172)
Fairbank Provincial Park (P2012)
French River Provincial Park (P110e)
French River Waterway Provincial Park Additions (P110)
Killarney Provincial Park (P331e)
Killarney Lakelands and Headwaters Natural Environment. Provincial Park (P187)
Killarney Wilderness Provincial Park Additions (P331)
Mashkinonge Provincial Park (P170e)
Solace Provincial Park (P1917)
Sturgeon River Provincial Park (P173e)
Wanapitei Provincial Park (P2021)
Windy Lake Provincial Park (P2022)

In 1997/1998 the Ministry of Natural Resources undertook a land use strategy public consultation process called Lands for Life.  The output from the Lands for Life process was a March 1999 document with accompanying map called Ontario’s Living Legacy – Proposed Land Use Strategy.  The OLL strategy is a guidance document that sets a framework for land and resource management on Crown lands in Ontario.  Included in the strategy are new areas deemed ineligible for logging including expanded Provincial Parks, Conservation Reserves, and Forest Reserves.

OLL New and Expanded Parks on the Sudbury Forest

Killarney Coast and Islands Waterway Provincial Park (P189)

OLL Conservation Reserves on the Sudbury Forest

Attlee Central Forest Conservation Reserve (C213)
Attlee Conservation Reserve (C166)
Cherriman Township Conservation Reserve (C164)
Eden Township Forest Conservation Reserve (C157)
Garson Forest Conservation Reserve (C177)
MacLennan Esker Forest Conservation Reserve (C178)
Tilton Forest Conservation Reserve (C210)

OLL Forest Reserves on the Sudbury Forest

Capreol/Hanmer Delta Forest Reserve (F179)
Dowling/Fairbank Forest Reserve (F208)
Killarney North Forest Reserve (F219)
Kukagami Lake Forest Reserve (F181)
Wolf Lake Old Growth Forest Reserve (F175)

To get more information about these protected areas, see the OLL Atlas at:

Ontario's Living Legacy